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Why do i feel depressed if i stay in the house?

If i do not go out and meet people i feel depressed.

is it normal.

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    Talking with people - strangers or friends - is a huge happiness booster. This sounds normal to me! The only reason that you might still want to see a counselor is if you are so depressed when you're at home that you're unable to get chores and other things done at home that simply must be done, because you feel too lethargic in that space. The counselor might be able to help you brainstorm how to be more productive and happy even when you're alone. But research does show that we are so much happier in the presence of friends/family, even strangers that we smile and connect with, and that this is one of the greatest joys of being alive. And while introverts ALSO need alone time to recharge their mental batteries, extroverts literally charge their mental batteries by being with others. So, it sounds normal to me!

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      I go out virtually everyday with my hobbies I meet people I catch up with friends I see guys at work

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