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For the sake the question please pretend the 1988 the War of the worlds never happened... what would you do with horror version of the book?

Who would get to star and what type of character would he play and would to direct it

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  • Andrew
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    6 months ago

    I've never seen the 1988 'War of the Worlds' television series, but by practically all accounts, it was terrible. I wouldn't classify the original story it was based on as a work of horror - it's a work of science fiction, and I think that there have been more than enough television and film versions already so I wouldn't bother working out a script for yet another one. The most recent Hollywood version was laughably awful. It was so bad that a few critics walked out, and viewers were rolling in the aisles during the final scenes. There's a world of difference between adapting a book for the screen and making a film that's based on an existing work. The 1988 television series is not a true adaptation - the show merely uses the events of the book as the springboard to tell a new story that ties into those events. If I were being paid to come up with a few ideas, I'd likely cast Nick Frost as the unnamed narrator, Terence Stamp as Ogilvy, and Oliver Chris as the artilleryman.

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  • 6 months ago

    The War of the Worlds *is* a horror story, by some definitions - aliens invade and humans are powerless to stop them.

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