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Need urgent help!!!!! Its a huge mental breakdown for me..?

I don't know where to start.... So i am from india.. My name is richa ...i am 23 year old .... Sooo i have 4-5 friends circle . Where 2 of them was my bestfriend... I think i should write name of them.. So namita and poorvi was my bestfriend.. Kunti was my sister and babli and sunita was friends... So 2 years before. In oct. I was preparing bday surprises for my boyfriend.. And i bought two expensive shirts for him.... So just one day before his bday i search my shirt for packing but couldn't found it... Then i realized it was stolen.. And i was noticing that even someone stoles money from my purse.....and all my friends started blaming my bestfriend(namita) for this...the bubli started blaming like she come to your house when you are not there etc. .. And i brokeup with namita....we had a very bad fight ..... And after few months i found that even my purse was missing which was gifted by my bf .... But i was scared of telling anyone.. Now after two years i came to know that bubli was the thief... I had doubt on her so me and my sister always try to watch her activities and when we checked her bf's fb account we saw his photo in same shirt... I lost my bestfriend just bcoz of her. . And i can't tell her bcoz she knows all the secrets of me and my sister. And the chances are higher of having a worse fight. So i want to avoid it.. But don't want to continue friendship with her.. I want to make her realize her mistake... Plss help ...!!!! (sorry for bad english)

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    Tell her that you know what she did and tell her the ways that it caused you trouble and pain. ASK her why you would want to stay friends with her after what she did. Ask her to give you reasons why you should trust her ever again. See what she says. Do this in PERSON, not via text or message.

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