How do flush weed out of your system? And what’s the best and fastest way to do it?

My husband haven’t smoked in over 3 years and he finally did last night but he needs to get it out of his system asap. Any advice will help.

Ps. He only did 3 hits

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  • 7 months ago

    If he is going to be drug tested within the next two weeks he will likely test positive so it may be better for him to just contact HR and discuss what a positive drug test would mean in this instance.

    Another option would be for him to visit a private drug testing lab and get tested. Since he will likely test positive this will give him the opportunity to discuss his recent drug usage and ask them how long they expect it would be before he would test negative. Depending on the test used it could be 6 months before that happens.

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  • 7 months ago

    There is NO way to remove the traces of pot from your system. It is stored in body fat and is only released as fast as nature metabolizes those cells.

    ALL potions, pills, drinks and other things that claim to remove pot and guarantee a clean urine sample are FRAUDS. Passage of time is the only way to end up with a clean test.

    Drinking tons of water does nothing except to dilute the sample. If it is too dilute, it may be marked as a failure, since that is such a common way to try to fool a test.

    • Okay well how long does it usually stay in your system? He probably going to be test within 16 days

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