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How Do You Keep A Lace Front Wig from Getting Frizzy?

I just got a lace front and I put it in a ponytail, wrapped it up and wore a bonnet to bed but it still got frizzy. How can I keep it from getting frizzy, I try to take care of my wigs but they get frizzy every time and then I have to buy a new one. It has beach like waves.

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    I'm assuming these wigs are synthetic if so I recommend this.

    Regular lotion mixed with water in a spray bottle and it works as well for textured, curly, wavy synthetic wigs. Since it’s not human hair the lotion keeps the synthetic fibers from rubbing against each other causing friction and tangling.

    Now if you ever get a straight lace front wig and need to revive it I recommend brushing it out with a rubber sole brush . Boiling some water placing it in a big bowl, add your wig, some downy fabric softner and let it sit in the liquid for about ten minutes, remove it brush it out, rinse out the remainder of softner, set it on a towel and blow dry it out on medium heat after spraying a heat protector on top. You don't have to blow dry it all the way out I usually dry out it half way and let it set an air dry then brush it again and then bam, your lace front is revived.

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    Human hair weave bundles

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