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Which one is the best option? 1) saving your money inside your bank and doing nothing?

2) doing some investments like funds, stock, futures and options to increase your wealth

3) buying lots of insurance from insurance companies

4) using your money to do gamblings

5) buying lottery and powerball

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  • 5 months ago


    Pick number 2

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    Good luck


  • Judy
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    5 months ago

    Keep some in your bank for emergencies, then invest the rest

  • 5 months ago

    In your case, 1.

    The correct answer is normally 2, but only for a person who knows that 4 and 5 are obviously bad options. Someone who has to ask if 4 or 5 is best would lose money with option 2, so for that person, option 1 is best.

  • nt
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    5 months ago

    Age? Almost certainly stocks. (But NOT futures and probably not options unless you are very experienced. Ive been investing almost 35 years and have never bought an option or futures.

    Gambling and lotteries are guaranteed losers for 99%+.

    With stocks, over the long term, you have a very good chance at making a good return. If you don't do stupid things like trying to day trade, time the market or buy penny stocks.

    90%+ of people would do best in a low fee s&p 500 index fund.

    Reasonable to expect at least 8% annualized over the next 20-40 years with a good shot at 10-12%.

    This does not mean your value cannot go down, perhaps a lot, several times over the years.

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  • roger
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    5 months ago

    The lottery: A tax on people who are bad at math.

    Bank: interest about 0.5% not good.

    Gamboling: Las Vegas -- brought to you by people who flunked math.

    The best that i have found is investing in the stock market. I have been averaging about 12% return per year for the last ten years....

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