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Is it worth getting a cyclocross bike if I already have a hybrid bike. I don’t really do off-roading. More details below?

I want a CX bike because I like the drop handlebars so I can become more aerodynamic therefore faster. And you have 3 different ways you can put your hands if you get uncomfortable. And I also like that the tyres are more stronger so less likely to puncture and I wouldn’t have to be as careful if Im going slowly up a curb. I have a hybrid bike that I use mainly on roads and slightly uneven pavements. Is it worth having both bikes. I don’t really do off-roading cycling and I know CX bikes are good for that

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    You have three options. Starting with the lowest priced up to the highest priced. A) Origin8 Drop Ends on Amazon for a little over $20. Scroll down & see all the pics customers have posted.

    B) See the hybrid & buy a CX bike. Some you can mount a rear rack & panniers (saddle bags) - some you can't. If it'll accept a rear rack, it will undoubtedly also accept fenders. Ask B4 you buy!

    C) Keep the hybrid & buy a CX bike. It's the old "N + 1 Formula". N being the amount of bikes you own now. Plus 1 being your next bike purchase.

    Last year my brother (Old Hippie) sold a hybrid & kept the CX bike. The CX bike wasn’t all that much faster. But, it's a lot more comfortable for longer trips. Plus the choice of 3 hand positions - on the brake hoods most of the time - center of bar for just cruising along or hill climbing - on the drops for faster speeds. He found it on a "factory authorized closeout sale" for darn near half price, just because it was a year old.

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    It's usually worth having more than one bike, if they're sufficiently different - where "sufficiently" is a matter of personal opinion, some people hafe a different coloured one for every day of the week. Myself, I make do with two - one for the summer and one for the winter, a colleague uses ine for commuting and one for training.

    Back to the rest of your story - while multiple bikes are definitely a good idea, it's also no big deal to put a set of drop bars on your hybrid. With "tyres" I suppose you mean both wheels and tires - the former are stressed when going over a curb, the latter can be punctured.

    Basically, the CX as well as the hybrids I've seen usually have similar width rims (actually, high end CX rims are narrower than hybrid rims), so you should be able to run similar tires on either bike (frame dimensions permitting). The strength of the wheel, unless you run absurdly low spoke counts, is more depending on the quality of the wheel build and the quality of the material (hubs, rims and spokes). As for the tires, you have a choice: lightweight or puncture resistant. The most puncture resistant tires I know about are Schwalbe Marathon Plus - I ride them or their cousins on my bikes whenever posible.

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