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If we have a container of 500 grams of dry air to which we apply 2000 calories of heat energy (assume no other sources or sinks of heat). Will the change in air temperature be higher or lower than that for sand?

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    An equal mass of sand treated with the same amount of heat would reach a higher temperature than the air, since air has the greater heat capacity.

    (2000 cal) / (0.24 cal/g°C air) / (500 g) = 16.7°C air

    (2000 cal) / (0.19 cal/g°C sand) / (500 g) = 21.1°C air

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    Higher. Dry air has a lower specific heat value than sand, so it takes less heat to increase its temperature.

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  • Lôn
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    7 months ago has a greater specific heat capacity than sand.

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