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I hate my fat body.?

I hate my ugly, wide, fat body. I'm 13 years old and fat. I'm 5'0 tall, 107 lbs, and my waist is 24.75 inches and my hips are 29.75 inches. My thighs look like whales, and they are 15.5 inches in the middle top. I'm ugly, wide and don't know what to do. How can I lose weight and look more attractive?

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    i am thin and a weakling. my little sister is stronger than me.

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    Are you aware of what attractiveness and ugliness means? Essentially, it means that you have a quality that you like in the first case and a quality that you dislike in the second case. That doesn't look too new I know, but it is. If it depends on you to like or dislike, the thing itself is not inherently bad or good, it just is. You know, like an apple or a pillow. They are just them.

    As you see, the problem is not that you are fat, is what you choose to think when looking at your fat. With that said, lets answer you question. You lose weight by eating better and exercising. Duh, right? Well, that's what it is, our weight is literally made of the ratio between the calories we take in and the calories we take out. Don't worry about starving though, by eating unprocessed food only you will never feel any big urge to eat stuff, so you should never get fat. The attractive deal you make happen by changing your mindset. Why? No matter what you do, if you have a mind that finds reasons to

    Source(s): Dislike matter, then you'll always find a reason to dislike yourself. Once you get slim, it may be your teeth. If not them, your skin color, or nose, or eyes, or too big or too small of a hand, or your lack of intelligence, or your lack of courage, the list just goes on indefinitely and you'll never be pleased with yourself. So focus on accepting the true nature of things, without adding your self-made prejudice. You can check some guided meditations online to help with that. Good luck :)
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    Know that you are still growing and as you get taller will also become slimmer. Love yourself and your body. You are not fat. Adopt a healthy diet and exercise regime which will make you feel better emotionally. Do not overdo it in an unhealthy excessive way. I will tell you that if you starve yourself you will gain weight because your metabolism slows. I have never been able to eat a lot, but have always been obese due to physically not being able to exercise. I am on my deathbed and bedbound now and dwindling away from atrophy. I am vitamin deficient and can hardly eat or drink due to my disease making my liver so big I choke on everything. Take care of yourself young lady. Focus on the positive things about your body. Talk to an adult you trust. Jesus loves you and you are a perfect creation of His.

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    get walking

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    The fact that you know your exact measurements scares me a bit. It’s not worth it! I promise! I wish I could go back in time and tell myself at your age that I’m fine the way I am!! And so are you. I know it’s easier to hear than believe. I’d try to find a healthy amount exercise just to boost the happy stuff in your brain (endorphins) just because we all need it, no matter the body type. I would agree with other people though where they said they’d go to speak a counselor about your thoughts about yourself. It can go down a road you don’t want to go down.

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    You're not overweight in any way, shape, or form. Your thighs are thick because you have more muscle there than other girls. There are girls with a similar body type as you and they have thick thighs too. Those are beautiful my thighs are somewhat thick but im working to make them thicker and stronger because i think it looks beautiful. Don't beat yourself up. Now if you feel like you have a high body fat percentage then you eat clean(vegetables and protein and eat good carbs nothing sugary) and you just eliminate or limit any junk food. The actual number of your weight isn't always what's important muscle weighs more than fat but also don't get the idea that just because you don't weigh a lot means that you have any fat you could just naturally be a light weighted person. Good luck and do what you have to do but just be healthy and be careful.

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    Unless you are a complete anomaly, your musculature determines your thigh size (unless obese, which you are NOT...yet. One cannot alter their musculature (the distribution and shape of muscle tissue). It is set by DNA, like your hair color.

    I know why you feel fat: bc you are. Not outwardly fat yet, but odds are that you will be. I can say this confidently bc the same goes for 90% of the American population.

    Obesity itself is not an illness, but it IS an illness that causes obesity, and, sorry, you have this illness.

    You are likely going to dismiss this PSA as some online kook and so I won't waste my time by trying to explain. Just remember that some kook told you once that obesity is NOT natural and was rare until 50 years ago.

    This kook also claimed that there's a cure and all it is, is avoiding junk like sugar, honey, nectar, juice and other sources of fructose outside of whole foods.

    Sucks to be you, in puberty, but all us adults went through it.

    Source(s): It was awkward for everyone. For the cure for your acne/obesity/IBS and the prevention of diabetes II, most heart disease and most hypothyroidism: "Fat Chance..." by Dr. Robert Lustig M.D., a pediatric endocrinologist (child witch doctor unless you have diabetes, then they're not quacks...)
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    The best way to lose weight is to eat less with each meal. Reduce the portion of food that you put on your plate.

    You will lose weight.

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    Go on a diet and exercise.

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    You are not over weight.Kids at your age have a lot of stress from some of the naturally skinny kids at school and in entertainment.Just eat healthy and exercise.You can ask about specific exercise for your thighs.

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