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I scored a 940 on the SAT twice, should I even bother doing it again or should I just give up cause that's a terrible score?

I have a 3.1 GPA aswell. I am looking into a 4 year university

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    A 3.1 GPA is good for someone with a 940 SAT score, so I’m assuming you have untapped potential. Try until you get a score of at least 1100 because a 940 SAT score is not impressive. If you’re looking to get into a college that isn’t a community college, like Ohio State or UCLA, you will need at least a 1100 to 1160 to have a shot. If you can’t reach that, than I’d try a community college (which isn’t bad). Good luck with your situation :)

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    You're right. That's a really lousy SAT score, and NO point retaking the exam again. Your grades are not all that terrific to be looking at 4-year universities anyway. You'd be better off considering community colleges at this point.

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    Try taking the ACT instead. I got like a 31. When I took the SAT, my ACT equivalence score of my test was like a 27. So I did WAY better on the ACT than the SAT. A lot of ppl do way better on one than the other, so take a shot at the ACT. The style difference may help you.

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    Lots of luck. Those are not stellar SATs and GPA.

    You might consider going to a community college that has an affiliation with an upper tier four-year university. You ace the first two years at the CC and you can then apply for admission to the university to finish the last two years. A good score with a CC can get you into some good universities.

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  • drip
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    I would take it one more time. And learn how to take the exam, as well as what is on it.

    Where are scoring the lowest. How are you doing with time management.

    Look at in state universities. Some of the smaller lower ranked ones in your state. Be sure to apply to 3/6 different universities

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    Learn to play the game. You don’t have to answer all the questions. Sometimes it’s to your advantage to not answer. For every 4 questions you get wrong, you get 1 correct answer deducted. So if you get 20 right and 8 wrong, you’re only credit with 18 right. If you answer 20 and left 8 unanswered, you're credited with 20 right. In both scenarios, you have 20 right but in case #1, you get a lower score.

    With a 920 total, you probably got a lot of wrong answers so a lot of points were deducted.

    Take a practice test and see how your score changes when you answer everything vs only answering when you know it’s 100% correct.

    • Sam Spayed
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      They don't take off for wrong answers anymore ( for the SAT aptitude test. I think they still do for the SAT 2 subject tests.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    You might try a career weaving baskets.

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