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Is it me or is this guy talking rubbish?

So I'm going to be buying an air rifle from a air rifle store not so far from where I live. This guy who is related to me who I was telling about it doesn't really like guns of any sort. Anyway, I said when taking it home I'd simply put it in my boot (trunk) of my car. He said that if the police happened to pull you over, (which, why would they) they would want to know why I had an air rifle. Air rifles below 12 feet pounds are legal in the UK without a license. I said that the police couldn't do anything about it as it is not a crime to have one. He didn't understand that and kept saying they would want to know every detail of why I had one and make enquiries. Surely if I have committed no crime, the police couldn't just keep me there for no reason against my will?

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    the police pulls over many people. it doesnt matter if you're a good driver, this happens. the police might be curious about the riffle but they wont keep you there if you didnt do anything suspicious

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      everyone feels like they need to know everything when they see a rifle. just ignore that person

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