Could there be "broken pieces of a needle" near the bobbin case of the Husqvarna Viking I just sold+?

The buyer received the Husqvarna Viking Rose 500 Computer sewing machine I just shipped after my ebay auction. She said she wanted to take it to "her repair guy". My partner said OK, I would have said no. She came back saying thar he said it would cost $140 to "correct" some issues with "some broken pieces of a needle around the bobbin case" and that he said she shouldn't "sew on it" until the "dangerously low oil" was fixed. I can't begin to imagine what "broken pieces of a needle" would look like, since I'm the one that meticulously packed it. Any advice? What don't I know abiut the Viking?

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  • 6 months ago

    You're being scammed. Unfortunately, eBay sides most of the time with the scammers. Tell her that her 'repair guy' is either made up or incomptetent because you don't 'change the oil' in these machines. Offer her $20 to replace the 'broken needle'[, or she can ship the machine back to you at her expense and you will give her a full refund once you have it back, as long as it is in the same condition you shipped it in, minus the broken needle. You will have to eat the cost of that.

    If she refuses and opens a claim with eBay, tell eBay what you offered her. Tell eBay that the machine was in perfect working condition when it was shipped, and that you are willing to accept responsibility for a needle that could have been broken during handling. But the rest of what the buyer is claiming is an obvious shakedown tactic. Tell eBay you are happy to give a full refund if she ships it back to you and when it arrives and all that is wrong with it is the needle, you'll issue the refund.

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  • drip
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    6 months ago

    Sometimes when a needle breaks it is just the tip of it. That can drop down into the bobbin area. I don’t know how you could of sewn with a piece of broken needle in the bobbin case. And easily removed. Perhaps you tried to sew and did damage? But usually the machine just stops.

    Dangerously low on oil???? A regular tune up would check and fix this.

    I have a Viking Rose. I have never oiled it. You are not suppose to. I take it in for regular tune ups. You do need to clean it. Get all the bits of thread and dust form the thread and fabric out. Which is easy and fast to do . It sews like a dream.

    Was this your machine? Did you sew in it ?

    Did you sell it as is? Then the buyer knew that and stick to it.

    Or have your partner deal with the return and refund,

    I agree with Curtis. They are scamming you. Even if a needle broke in shipping- which I don’t see it would- it would not cause damage. And like I said you don’t put oil in this machine

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  • 6 months ago

    Tell her it was sold "as is".

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