I'm looking for a band with mud in the name.It's a tv-show that I happen to find while watching videos on youtube.Hope someone could help me?

I don't know exactly if they have 4-5 members in the band. The protagonist is like a green skinned guy.

They have a song called lost in space.

Lyrics are...

I'm lost in space

I'm giving up the chase

Cause with her

It/We could be so good together

The show kinda feels like it was a nickelodeon or disney show. Thank you

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  • Alan
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    1 year ago
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    Since these exact lyrics are on their Facebook page.

    The name of the group is the "Mudpit" and I see there was Canadian tv series

    named the same "Mudpit"

    The song you are talking about.


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    Excerpt from Facebook post:

    Hey Mudpeeps. You requested it so here are the lyrics for the new Mudpit song LOST IN SPACE!!

    That girl she’s so unusual

    That girl she’s really really cool

    I’m just a guy, I’m just a nerd

    My heart keeps beating for her

    I’m going to try and make her smile

    Though it might take a little while

    But I keep trippin’ on my tongue

    Can’t seem to tell her she’s the one

    That zombie girl I wanna be part of her world

    But I’m feelin like an alien

    I’m Feelin like an alien

    I’m lost in space

    I need to find my way back to her

    Cause we could be so good together

    I’m lost in space

    Not giving up the chase

    Cause with her

    I could be okay wherever

    We could be so good

    Be so good


    Episode 101 of the TV show



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  • mars
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    1 year ago

    'Puddle of Mudd'?

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