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My boss is being extra nice after I filed a complaint?

I filed a harassment complaint against someone at my job. Ever since when they asked what I wanted done I just said he should be watched because Im not the first one. I wrote a letter and it basically was unfortunately sexually graphic which made me uncomfortable to say out loud. So I wrote instead. Now I assume my boss has had an attraction to me in the past but he never ever made me feel uncomfortable. In fact he would just avoid me. But now I have been seeing him waiting for me so that he can say hi. But it's very obvious he is extremely nervous about this. He starts blinking fast which is irritating. Then he will try to shake my hand and says my name when he sees me. I'm not worried that he will try anything but I just can't understand why he is feeling like he has to read my moods. Any THOUGHTS

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    I have a few more days ooob

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