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Why do the British hate the Argentine so much, isn't it time to turn the page?

As an American I find it appalling when representatives of the Falklands Islands bully Argentina with their statements, etc.

I find it also sad that two of our major allies are at odds.


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  • Andrew
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    It's silly to claim that all Britons hate the Argentines. But they did go to war with them, and there are still some pretty strong feelings held by SOME Britons about that. It's important to note that Argentina didn't invade the Falklands because they really and truly felt compelled to claim them for themselves - they went in because Argentina was going through a very difficult time economically, and the sitting government thought that going to war would distract from that situation. They were very wrong in thinking so.

    Secondly, the Argentine government mistakenly believed that Britain would not opt to defend the islands with full force, which was obviously not the case. Many Britons died defending the islands and many died in the fight to reclaim them. Public opinion on the war in Argentina was divided with some people - mostly ultra-nationalists supporting the invasion, but many Argentines never wanted to go to war with Britain, and the issues that led to the fighting were only exacerbated by the invasion and subsequent conflict, so in the end, the few Argentines who were for it began to see things differently.

    Though located much closer to Argentina than to Britain, the islands have never belonged to Argentina. The Argentines never had a legitimate claim to them, and even if the islands had belonged to Argentina at some point in the past, the vast majority of the population consider themselves to be British and feel very strongly about remaining part of the UK, so what Argentines might think is irrelevant. Going to war with Argentina was mostly seen as righteous in the UK as Britain was defending its territory and its people, and as happens with any war, the enemy aggressor was viewed unfavorably and a lot of that has yet to disappear. Perhaps in the decades to come the animosity that some Britons hold for Argentina will fade until it completely disappears, but because the war occurred relatively recently, many people in both countries continue to have strong feelings about it.

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    im drinking a very nice Argentinian malbec wine right now, i dint hate Argentinian . i do condemn them for trying to take the Falklands island by force but life goes on and one day a political solution to the Falkland islands problem will be found

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    This exact same question was asked about 4-6 months ago.

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    Apparently, Argentina wants to take over the Falklands, and currently the people there

    have an English culture, speak English and don't want to be taken over by Argentina.

    It's be like Japan wanting to take over Hawaii. How would you feel about that?

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  • Anonymous
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    We don't hate them just some of their politicians trying to steal British Oil located in the British Falkland Islands

  • Anonymous
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    We don't hate the Argentines, except that cheating bastard Maradona, he will never be forgiven.

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    Do you mean that some British people have these views? Why do so many people not feel that way? Why do the people who are British who adore people in Argentina adore them?

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    To say that "representatives of the Falklands Islands bully Argentina" is about as laughable as saying "representatives of the Maldives bully India".

    • David5 months agoReport

      Erm...who invaded who? Maybe pick up a history book sparrow.

  • Ludwig
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    We don't know who or what you are. You are making unfounded accusations and allegations with intention of 'flaming', a fine old trolling tradition dating from the days when 'Usenet' was young.

    • Mark5 months agoReport

      Thanks Briton, but I am no troll :)

  • Tina
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    When do representatives of the Falkands 'bully Argentina with their statements' or even 'etc

    What are you talking about?

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