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Why can’t i get myself to practice my instrument anymore ?

I just got accepted to a prestigious college to major in music. somehow, i can’t make myself practice now. it’s some sort of fear that when i make mistakes during practice, it’ll hurt my self esteem even more. i’ve got severe performance anxiety, playing bassoon ( incredibly hard instrument ) doesn’t help. I need to get back to practicing asap, or I’m going to start off terrible and scared, behind my peers in music. How do i get myself to practice again? i love music so much- it is my life.

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    First - the bassoon is NO HARDER to play than any other orchestral instrument. Get over yourself about that. If you were accepted then the folks there must think you can get the job done. There is NOTHING ROMANTIC about being a major in any of the arts - inspiration, talent and muse, etc. are all BS. This takes WORK - it is like training for a pro athletic team, except that you are using smaller muscles with far more gradations of skill. If you have just finished HS, then you have had your daily schedule made FOR you for years. If you cannot manage and discipline you own time, then you will fail out of college, no matter if you major is bassoon performance or accounting. I use a systematic approach to my practice, and have been practicing the flute since 1962 - piano since 1958, and two of my music degrees have piano as my major instrument - theory major - but although I made a lot of $$ as a utilitarian accompanist, etc. - flute is my instrument of artistic expression. No more piano practice for decades. My HUSBAND is an incredible pianist - he will not ever miss a day unless we are on another continent - and if he sees a piano in the hotel will not practice on it because it is probably awful. So - you have made a pathway choice that you HOPE will lead to a career. If you are waiting for some ADULT to tell you to go practice - and that mean etudes, scales, tone and dynamic exercises, etc. - the technical thing we ALL DO every day, like lifting weights - then you will fail. By now, you know how to organize all your skill practice - and this is before you even open up a piece of music! If you need to write it down, and make a plan for every day - do it. I have made things with two rotating discs, so that within a month, I have practiced 12 possible articulation patterns on all fifteen major scales over 2-3 octaves (flutists will see this as the Taffanel-Gaubert daily patterns). This is so I know I never missed anything - which I would do if I just did things out of my head each day. Scales in thirds? I do the nasty ones first - Gb, with alternate fingerings. That makes Eb and F - *fly*! So get your Game Face on, carve out a certain time every day that you lock yourself in a room, and DO THIS. If you make mistakes, they are GONE - they evaporate - it's not like you spilled a soda on the rug. So you DO IT AGAIN - slower, calmer. A famous flute teacher said that once, when had had a cancellation, he used that time to practice extra before his next student. He did not hear them come in and sit down in the other room. A couple of minutes later, he heard a knock - and realized the student was there; that student was surprised that his teacher was there alone - he said he thought he was teaching some 10-year old, because everything was SO SLOW and often repeated. GO BE THAT GUY - he was principal flute in a long list of European orchestras, then taught at several fine American conservatories - now retired.

    Yeah - you needed a kick in the butt. But from time to time - we ALL do. All of us. Good luck.

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