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Why does he want a baby so soon?

I’ve been seeing this guy it’s only been a few weeks, we haven’t slept together yet as I can’t take the pill due to it not agreeing with me and I really don’t like the idea of the rod or coil and he doesn’t like condoms. We were talking about it and he started talking about the future and how he wants kids, he started to say we would make ‘gorgeous babies’ and said ‘don’t you think so, I wouldn’t mind if it happened’ and said how he doesn’t mind if I’m on contraception or not because he’s ready for a child but it’s waay too soon as much as I want a child. Why is he rushing into things so soon? He’s has his own house with a spare bedroom, good job, we both have money etc but I told him it’s a bit soon just curious as to if he’s trying to trap me or something?

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    He's rushing because he wants to have sex. Meaning, if you don't mind having a baby he doesn't have to wear a condom and you can move things in that direction. Or at least that's what it sound like to me.

    You should talk to him about it some more. Ask him if he doesn't think it's too soon to be making such commitments because you haven't gotten to know each other too well. Go into it seriously. How does he see the two of you raising this child together, move in together, do you stop working, etc? Ask him about it. Not to have this baby but to get to know him. This conversation will allow you to get to know him and more importantly if you indeed are on the same page. So turn it into a serious conversation and you'll know what type of guy you're dealing with and if it's worth your time.

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    It's way too soon for all of that - and you need to take responsibility for your contraception. Stop making excuses and be an adult. Find a method you can tolerate and be diligent, or whine about it and become a single mother. You decide.

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