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What is the difference between a hybrid bike and a cyclocross bike?

I know a hybrid bike is a mix of a road and mountain bike but what is a cyclocross bike. I’ve never heard of it until now?

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    The difference is night & day. As pointed out by LandRiderJerry, a hybrid bike will have a flat handlebar - or maybe slightly curved upwardly. A CX (cyclocross) bike will have a drop down style handlebar. But it goes much farther...

    The CX bike will have tires suited to ride off road & on road. With a hybrid, most come with street tires only. You can take one on a VERY LIGHT man-made trail of crushed & compacted stone. The CX bike will come with a 2 by gearing system. Two on the crankset & usually 9 or more on the rear cog. Most hybrid bikes have a triple crankset & anywhere from 7 to 9 gears on the rear cog. CX bikes are raced off road. I've never seen a hybrid bike race.

    Wanna see what a professional can do on a CX bike? Watch this...

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    Multi terrain bikes tend to lean to one side of the road bike/mountian bike scale. They tend to have either more road bike features or more mountain bike features. The most noticable difference between the two bikes is the drop handle bars on the cyclocross and the straight handle bars on the hybrid.

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