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Reoccuring pilonidal cyst - and lots of blood I trapped under skin?


A year ago I got an abscess the size of a baseball above my tailbone. It was extremely painful, I was unable to walk without help, the incision & drainage was horrible. I got packing for a week. A couple months later a pilonidal cyst forms in the same spot. Got it incised. A few months after that, a third cyst in the same spot - got that incised too.

Now, a full year after the first abscess, my surgery scar randomly opened and started oozing blood and pus. I took sits baths 4x a day and drained it, it closed after about a week. Two weeks later it opened AGAIN, and this time started draining blood only. Took sits baths and within a week it closed up. Prior to my wound opening, my skin was flat and smooth. Now there s a giant fluid bubble formed underneath (blood I assume), the skin is papery, and my stitch scars have popped out of the skin. I don t know why my scar has opened twice. Why do I keep getting reoccuring cysts? This is the 4th time this year! And why is there such a huge amount of blood trapped inside?

Note - for abscess, packing was done & incision done at emergency room. For 2 cysts, my family doctor stitched the wound back up after incision.

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    I had this exact thing happen to me. What i started moving around more and took frequent showers and shaved the area. Also loosing weight helps . You need to get antibiotics if u choose to get surgery again. I got surgery for mines once and it appeared twice again after surgery they just burst and i cleaned them up. That was about 5 years ago since ive gotten one.

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