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does it require a sense of narcissism to have a successful business?

reason why I ask is because business is about competition and making profit, so it requires a sense of inflated self-importance just to get ahead and be recognized


if one does not have a sense of high self-importance and self-absorption, its really hard to be recognized and be successful

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  • Zirp
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    5 months ago

    It requires not being too worried about the ramifications of your business (pollution, unemployment, bankruptcies).

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    No not everyone is maligant and vain, Why u concerned bout the person they the ones who started the start your own business trend...and you sheeple only knew of some cus you watching the device they simply read about ...then yapping of, ahahhaab. y'all complain for people to work then mad for them to their own things, oh the person is too timid. don't worry about them ,worry about yourself...if i did want to do I don't want to anymore...but it isn't gonna hurt your Lil feelings for someone to read about som,now is it? ahhahaah y'all have so much energy time and focus spent at someone else u demise, worry bout's very simple.

  • not
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    5 months ago

    Having a business doesn't necessarily mean anyone even needs to know who you are. In fact I have know business owners that prefer to appear as just one of the workers. Beating competition is about smart moves. Maybe a smart move is to be recognized or maybe it's researching and targeting your client's wants and needs.

    Get ahead situations often happen without being an owner. In get ahead situations you can simply evaluate what drives other people and fit the part to get ahead, act the part, fake it. Yes people are drawn to narcissists. People love confidence without substance to support it.

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