it feels like no matter what i do, someone will know i'm there?

i've been trying to escape the online world...i don't anyone to know i'm there

but if i go on instagram, it will show i'm active so i turned off my activity (eventually i deleted the app)

i turned off my location on snapchat

i deleted hangouts from my phone

i turned off my read receipts

i deleted spotify so no one would see me listening to music

but how do i make the green dot go away on facebook?

even if i stop using facebook, how do i stop people from knowing i went on youtube and updated a playlist because it even shows that it was "updated today"

2 Answers

  • Dave
    Lv 7
    5 months ago

    Easy, make a fake email account that doesn't have your name on it and start over. Delete all your social media accounts and only use a fake one. Problem solved.

  • 5 months ago

    As you've noticed, some of those require identities to be able to give you a personalized experience. Either you don't sign in to them, or you create a new persona who has no friends and let it not matter what "you" do.

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