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What to do to quarantine a snake, if I have no other reptiles?

I was told I still need to quarantine a new snake, even if I have no other pets. How would this be done?

Can I keep it in the enclosure (and maybe use paper towel substrate to monitor droppings), or do I have to put it in a bin and not in its enclosure?

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    You need to quarantine your snake so that it can adjust to its new atmosphere. This can be different for what kind f snake you have but this is a basic quarantine cage. You need to keep it in a cage that is different from its enclosure. I have a bin with a top and lots of air holes in it (seriously it needs a lot of air holes if is is a closed bin) and then I use paper towel substrate. I use paper towel because you can easily monitor their droppings. I also add a simple cave just so that they can have some sort of privacy. I also add a rock is case they shed. And lastly a water bowl. You want to keep it simple and keep it quarantined for at the very least a week. I would also quickly rub them down with a paper towel. If there are black/brown spots on the towel then they have mites. Hope this helps and feel free to ask any more questions!

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