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Possible health problems for a chinchilla previously held in a small cage?

I've been looking into buying a chinchilla, and I finally found an ad for a five year old chin being sold in my area. Unfortunately, the seller has been keeping it in a single platform, guinea pig sized cage. I'm not sure yet if she's been living in that cage her entire life, or if only for a short bit of time before now, but I'm guessing she's been in it for a while. I also noticed that an exercise ball was on the list of items that they were selling along with the chin. I definitely would buy her if it meant getting her out of that cage, however I also do have a budget and I'm afraid I don't have the money to make a bunch of trips to the vet in the future.

Does anyone know if it's possible for problems to develop from these living conditions even if I bought her and put her in a proper sized cage from now on? I haven't contacted the seller at all yet because I wanted to check how big of a red flag this is so I know whether or not they're charging a fair amount if she's just going to have a harder time soon from not getting proper exercise in her early life.

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    A guinea pig size cage should be more than adequate for a chin.

    More important would be depression for boredom, lack of amenities, that can shorten a rodents life.

    I don't suggest balls, they are notoriously dangerous.

    Enrichment, toys, socializing, and play time are best.

    Either way, if you suspect poor keeping, the chin would be better off with you.

    You should build up some cover for possible vet expense though and know one that will see rodents. Check into health insurance for pets.

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