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Will my teeth shift after cutting my retainer?

I have had my braces off for about 7 months now and wear my retainer regularly, but just yesterday got a deep filling in one of my very back teeth and it has changed the shape of that tooth so my plastic retainer wouldn’t fit on, I impulsively cut my retainer and filed it so it stops before it gets the that tooth and now fits the rest of my teeth again. I searched stupidly AFTER and all answers were to ask the dentist to file the filling down, but after thought I think I wouldn’t want to try that as it was a very deep filling and I’m already worried about it settling properly and don’t want to touch it again. So my question would be are my teeth done with my retainer diy’ed missing out that one back tooth? Will that affect how my teeth sit or is it unlikely anything would move until I’m satisfied my filling has settled so I can get a new retainer? Thanks much appreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    No your teeth should stay straight assuming all you did to the retainer was put a small whole in that one part... you really should get that tooth filed though...

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    • Holly6 months agoReport

      - tooth, it really shouldn’t affect my other teeth, I just get very anxious over teeth and wanted reassurance really. I just got a very deep filling redone in the tooth so don’t want to bother it, but hopefully it settles and then I’ll get a new top retainer made entirely

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