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Is it normal for a manager to compliment you on your work?

Why does he keep complimenting me on my work?He’s my manager, and I consider him to be a “friend” since we’re close in age and he wasn’t a manager when I started (and became friends).

However, we’re not super close friends either. Except he always goes “good job” or goes “*** did ****, isn’t that great” something along those lines.

I’m not someone who needs compliments to run? So I’m just wondering if this is normal? The other coworkers are much older than us so I can understand if he feels awkward complimenting them too. But is this normal?

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    During my tenure as a manager, I held to the principle: praise in public, chew a$$ in private. Everyone on my team knew when someone went above and beyond. I also always visited them at least once a week, and ended the visit reminding them that I was at their disposal to help with any problems they encountered. My management style was to tell them what accomplishments were expected and when. It's not your job to train your manager, but it is to your advantage to ask definition of what tasks are to be accomplished and by when. Stop speculating on whether he has the hots for you, and do your job (and keep notes).

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