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How many people feel when you see Omar on T.V she is signaling her cronies in the middle east or Somalia. I'M in. WHERE ALMOST THERE?

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  • Your conspiracy theories are those of a a racist bigot.

    edit: You have absolutely no proof. All you have is loose talk fueled by prejudice and bigotry.

    You're the typical right-winger who doesn't know the difference between nationalism and patriotism.

    You're a nationalist because you fear others and think yourself superior.

    Being an American isn't about race, it's about a set of ideals in regards to freedom and democracy.

    Stop being irrationally afraid of others because of the color of their skin or their religion.


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    Source(s): By the way I am also a military veteran, so don't even try to say I'm not patriotic.
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    • dominick
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      And by the way thanks for your service. But let me tell you your way off base with racism you should look it up and learn the true meaning.

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  • 6 months ago

    Her approval rating is 9%. I really doubt she will be reelected.

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