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Agree/disagree: for a female, 35 is kind of old to have a baby for the first time?

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    Disagree. Our ancestors tended to have very large families- 10, 12, 15 babies. Many of those babies were born when the women were 35 and older. A lot of women now delay marriage and childbirth. But there's nothing wrong with having a baby at 35.

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    Nope......I had my first and only pregnancy at 35. For me it was the perfect age.

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    Agree a little bit.......

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    Extreme disagree. 35 is a great age to have a child.

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    You never have to be too old have a baby at 35. 35 is the right age for a women to have children. They will have enough money to support them.

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    I agree. Not speaking from the perspective of wanting to judge people, but speaking from a purely biological perspective. Many women will have a harder time getting pregnant at that age. And there's also a higher risk of having a child with disabilities, such as for instance Down's Syndrome. Plus as you age, you'll have less energy, and it will be more draining and take more out of you to raise a kid.

    Then again, if that's what certain women want to do, and how life turns out for them, though? Then of course I fully support them in that! And I wish them nothing but the best of luck, and lots of happiness for both them and their child.

    Source(s): 30-year-old woman who's never wanted kids. And who's also got that feeling that it would take a LOT out of me, having to start raising a kid now. And even more so, in five years from now.
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    I am 13 years older than 35

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