Aubree asked in HealthOptical · 6 months ago

New lenses are blurry?!?!?

I went in last week to get new lens frames. My doctor was out of the office so I had his substitute. The doctor took almost double the time and the equipment they use kept moving. He told me my vision changed a little and made me get the more expensive lens. Once I got my new lenses I realized they are blurry. I can see better with my old ones. Are the only blurry because I'm not used to them or are they just straight up wrong prescription? What should I do and would my insurance still cover new lenses since I recently got new ones?

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  • James
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    the doctor works for you, he can t make you get more expensive stuff. If it isn t right, you go back and have it fixed.

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