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How to fix a pulled knee?

I’m not super sure if pulled is the actual term for it. Earlier I got up and “pulled” my knee, so now every time I put pressure on it to walk it sends a sharp pain and I can’t walk without limping. This happens to me every so often, but it usually goes away within a few minutes of walking (my knee will kind of pop back into place I guess) but this time it’s been going on for hours. My dad said that when that happens to him it actually fixes it if he pops his hip, but that didn’t work for me. Anyone have any ideas?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    it could be numerous things from a trick knee to something as a dislocated knee. It can be a tendon or even ligament issue. Seems that maybe some defect as you say your dad has similar issue. The only way to be certain is to get it look at by a doctor or orthopedic surgeon.

    Now you never mentioned if you workout, exercise or played sports or injured it at any point.

    It could be that just simple exercises can help. You should really get it examined to determine what is wrong.

    • Ky7 months agoReport

      No I’ve never injured it before sometimes it just happens when I stand up wrong or something but it usually goes away after I start walking for a few minutes but now it hasn’t.

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