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Is it possible that supporters at the Trump Rally who were chanting “send her back” stupidly put Trump in deeper waters?

Trump looked concerned to react on stage along with the chants. He also didn’t stop them.

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    7 months ago
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    Trump was basking in it on stage, then he went on record to praise them straight after the rally, then he threw them under the bus and pretended he didn't like it, now he has done a 180 and is praising them again.

    The man and his MAGA supporters are racist, bigoted garbage.

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  • 7 months ago

    He looked like he got exactly what he was expecting - a chant from his baboons. He seems to be running against Ilhan Omar for President - someone who can't be President. He's so desperate to hang on to his base, he's ginning up hatred for someone because she's a Muslim who dared to criticize the US of A.

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  • -j.
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    7 months ago

    He definitely didn't look concerned; he welcomed the chants. He definitely made zero attempt to stop them, despite his bullsh!t lie to the contrary.

    I know a lot of Republicans are concerned. Not necessarily because they disagree with the chants, but that's not what they want Americans to see on TV while watching GOP rallies.

    • No - they don't like to look like idiots. Appearance is everything to them - even if there's no substance.

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