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Why did she push me out of her life?????

Hey guys, i was in a weird situation at work. Im a dude and i had a huge crush on this girl named Amanda. Me and Amanda were really good work friends for 2 years. She would always stare at me, i always made her laugh and smile. But Amanda was married and had 2 kids, so i obviously respected that... We would still always talk at work, and i felt so much chemestry between us

But alot of coworkers began judging my friendship with Amanda, everyone kept telling me shes married. Everyone noticed she was always laughing with me at work. It caused alot of problems for everyone. Our jobs were in jeopardy because of all the gossip going around. My supervisor told me to stop talking to Amanda and i could tell Amanda was upset about that. I notied Amanda began having meetings with Human resources,

I trusted Amanda but one day she sold me out. She told management that i spend my whole shift trying to talk to her and that i need to be removed from her floor as i have become a problem for her. I was removed from her floor and was suspended. A few weeks later after i was removed from her floor she just quit...... the day she quit she blocked me from facebook. 

Why did Amanda kick me out of her life this way????? Can i have advice????

Alot of my closest friends could tell that Amanda was beginning to have feelings for me

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  • Adosia
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    6 months ago

    She was clearly trying to avoid problems from surfacing so she wont lose her job or her marriage.

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  • 6 months ago

    You have to keep in mind she is a married woman and maybe her husband found out about you trying to talk to her and even if it was friendly you have to keep in mind most men don't like a man getting to friendly with his wife and you have to respect that he might have told her to quit that job because of that

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    1. Your grammar is absolutely horrible. Women like a man who can express himself correctly. Your writing and grammar make you look like a child in elementary school.

    2. You seem way more concerned with what others think than focusing on your work.

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