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When Living By Yourslelf How Often Do People Living By Themself Get Murdered Or Robbed ?

Going to live on my own very soon I had watched alot of crime documentaries in those stories most of the time is the person livng by themslef that get murdred by their neighbor stalking them everyday watching what they do everyday. This is one thing Im really scared of living on my own is that if u get robbed no one is their to help you but yourself when I live by myself I will pray everyday to be save even though im not chirstan but this is the real thing. I have herd that gangsters will take a advantage of people living by them self too they will kill you on the spot for no reason just because they can I watch this gangland doumentary this poor guy berly moved to his own place for a few moths and he already got murdered becuase the gangsters think he herd gun shoots or saw a crime they did. Im really scared to live on my own but I have no choice becuase my brothers dont want me anymore they hate me so I have to move out or they will always treat me this way like trash may god be with me.

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  • 6 months ago

    It doesn't happen often.

    Try getting a good friend to live with you.

    • BoiBoi8006 months agoReport

      I have no friends.....

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  • bubba
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    6 months ago

    I have never been robbed or murdered when living on my own i have been robbed a few times when living with others

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