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Why is my newborn wild baby bunny opening his mouth continuously, we think it might be agonal breathing, we got him 2 days go.?

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    You really shouldn't take bunnies from the wild. The bunny isn't getting the nutrients that it needs and it is probably starving to death. The person above explained it very well. Usually mother bunnies don't abandon their babies and they are usually out looking for food. The best thing you could do for that bunny is take it to the vet and then give it to a sanctuary. Otherwise that poor baby bunny is going to die. Im sorry that sounds so harsh but there is no better way to put it.

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    6 months ago

    Because it is dying. Wild baby rabbits nearly always die within a few days in captivity unless cared for by an experienced wildlife rehabber (even then, mortality rates are pretty high). Captive diets are inadequate, the stress of captivity on a wild rabbit is enormous, and most people do not provide appropriate care. Mother rabbits do not stay with their young the way most other mammals do, causing people to think (in error) that they are abandoned. They visit only once or twice daily, usually late at night or in the pre-dawn hours, to nurse. Removing wild rabbits from their nest is a nearly certain death sentence.

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