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Just got my 1st LOC, Air Force. What now?

I'm an A1C in tech school. I was just handed an LOC for being late to formation twice. First one was when I was late to final form before heading to class, and the other one was "late" to formation before marching to class.

They put a "warning" on my 2nd 341 that was pulled by the student leaders, and an "LOC" on the first offence. Why is that? Shouldn't I have had the warning on the first one and an LOC on the 2nd one? Anyways.. my school house is the most strict on base. My civilian instructor and another civilian instructor pulled me out of class and had me sing that I was counseled. I explained that I wasn't late to the firat one, I left the formation to grab a reflective belt but when I got back to formation, I got a 341 pulled.

How serious is an LOC in tech school? Will it be on my record? I've had a couple 341s pulled in bmt but nothing major, and I left bmt as an honor grad. Will this LOC be looked at when I get to my first duty station in a month?

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    What now?

    What now, ......what?????

    are you looking for some sort of magical solution or answer?

    Here's an idea........get yourself to the store, and buy an alarm clock and stop being fricking late.

    You have two choices in life.....you can be a screw up, or you can be AJ squared away-

    shoot for that second kind.

    • He-Cr6 months agoReport

      I was actually just wondering if the LOC would go on my record, and mess my chances of testing for rank or whatever. I dont think I'm a screw up tho lol.. just sleep deprived. Thank you for being blunt.

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  • 6 months ago

    That LOC will show up in your records when you get to your first duty station since it was only a month ago that your received it. At one time that was not the case but that was changed sometime back to give commanders more background on newly assigned individuals who were assigned under their command and making that commander of any problems. If you keep your nose clean and stay out of trouble then it will be removed from your record at your duty station in several months. If on the other hand you continue to get into trouble or run afoul of things in tech school or at your first duty station then they have sufficient reason to discharge you. Your best solution here is to talk to your first shirt and commander and assure them that you are not wanting to be forced or kicked out and that you will redouble your efforts to not run afoul of things in the foreseeable future and then not doing so. These days they kick people out at the drop of a hat and are not very tolerant of individuals that can't stay out of trouble.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    What now? You stop being frickin' late to formation. Next step is an LOR and then Article 15.

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  • 6 months ago

    nothing in tech school is looked at, at your first duty station

    but just remember, at your first duty station, being late for work, they don't do the 341 thing-- they just take rank and give you an art 15 ( for the first time )

    • He-Cr6 months agoReport

      I did some digging. You're right about the first part, but idk about the second part.

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