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Big spoiler alert in description for Stranger things season 3? Only answe if you have seen?

Do you think Hopper is actually dead? The bit after the credits in the Russian camp seemed to give a massive clue when they ignored one cell and said “not the American”. I assume Hopper was in that cell. If he is, then bad writing don’t you think? I would have made him show up part way through season 4 with no obvious hints.

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    I think he's in the camp, and I'm glad they put it in. if they hadn't, I'd have been pissed and might not have watched the next season. killing off hopper makes me mad. but, my emotional derangement aside, it would have been announced that the actor was signed for the next season so there would already have been some suspicioun.

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      Yes don't know why they keep screwing Steve over, he is one of the best characters, never thought I'd say that after the first half of season 1! Still glad he didn't get with Nancy though, she is an awful character. Here's for a good season 4 hopefully.

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