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How long do people stay bloated for? Should I try laxatives?

My stomach has been sticking out like this for a month now and my weight keeps climbing. Is it a tumor? How would I know? I've been eating more lately but not feeling full and yet I still look bloated like this so i don't know what's going on.

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    This may help! Once a year on Thanksgiving Day I overeat every year knowing I will become bloated and in pain for hours. The stomach resembles a kidney bean with tubes at top and bottom of stomach. There is more surface area exposed in the stomach if you lie on your left side. Gastroenterologists who perform a procedure called Upper Endoscopy thread a cable with camera and light to look inside the esophagus and stomach. You lie on your left side so the physician has more surface area to move the cable in your stomach. If bloated, food can move down the base of the stomach faster relieving some pressure. It takes about 15 minutes to relieve my stomach pain on Thanksgiving Day. Good Luck.


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    Keep fast for a day. You will be fine. Make it a habit , one day in a week.

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