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Console manufactures have been lying to their customers for years about game installs to push digital downloads?

Every console since the PS3 required a 10-40min. Install before you can even play it. I just purchased the Witcher 3 game for PS4 and was shocked the game loaded right up without any type of install. I put it in expecting it to install, but was able to play it right away. CD Project Red has been praised for being consumer friendly and very anti DRM.

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  • 10 months ago

    The game still installed. It just did a small install to the hard drive first to get the game started and then the rest of the game installed in the background. Most games do not use this and installs the game in full before you can launch it.

    The reason that games must be installed is that if it's fully read-in off-disc, the loading times would be 3-5x slower than they are now off of hard drives. People complain that loading times are long the way it is. Imagine if that 30 second loading screen turned into 3 minutes.

    PS3/360 could play games off-disc and did not install to the hard drive. This was a new feature to the PS4/XBO.

    • Goldfly252000
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      10 months agoReport

      Actually PS3 could install games to the HD as well, at least in some cases, to save load times. I don't think there were a lot, but I do remember at least some let you.

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago


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  • 10 months ago

    maybe it was already installed...had to be!

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