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Is my cat sick or gonna die?

I have an 8 year old red tabby.

Seemed all of a sudden he stopped eating and drinking. And he pukes up foam /spit 4-5times a day. He lost 1kg weight in 24 hours. He's very weak and moves slower then usual. It's going onto day 4 where he hasn't ate or drink. I haven't seen him bathe himself either.

Took him to the vet they were worried. They thought something was wrong more then a sickness. But without doing blood work xrays they can't tell for sure. And we're not looking to spend 1000$ on that . We would rather put down if that's the case . He was dyhydrated they gave him some type of shot to help that.

The vet said putting him down after day 5 or 6 without food and water defiantly was a suggestion .

Also the vet said all his vitals were normal. And he didn't show any signs of pain when feeling his stomach for something so that's a really positive for us.

On the bright side. On day 5 he did nibble on some wet food and ate very little . And he did lick his water bowl (2 licks) . We used a syringe to give him water as well. We took him outside and he seemed to move a little more. And we saw him pee in his litter box once since the 5 days . He does not hide as a dying cat might do..

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  • J C
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    5 months ago

    If you do not do the tests, and he is not eating or drinking, then let him go humanely with euthanasia at the vet. Why would you leave him to suffer until he dies "naturally"? Yes if you do nothing you are going to find a dead cat. It is not a sickness that will pass naturally. Because he didn't get vet care when you first noticed the symptoms, he now has hepatic lipidosis - it is a liver disease that happens in cats when they do not eat for multiple days. Look it up. Without what now will require aggressive vet care, he is going to suffer and die. Why would you do that to a pet you care for? Call the vet and either get him admitted to the hospital, or take him in for euthanasia. To do anything else is just plain cruel.

  • 5 months ago

    It sounds like possible poisoning. you probably should have coughed up for blood tests. I don't think xrays would be of much use. The cat might recover or might have organ damage. Hard to say. I will say that it is extremely difficult to deal with dying pets, so I sympathize and I am sorry that you have to deal with this. And it is a good sign that he is at least drinking and eating some. Cats can recover from some poisons and not from others. But vomiting, lethargy, frothy mouth, and refusal to eat and drink are possible signs of poisoning, depending on the poison, of course.

    I've had to deal with sickly cats in the past and it isn't fun. The poor things do depend on us to help them, and it really sucks when you can't do anything to help. They know they are really sick. I wish your cat the best.

  • Cammie
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    5 months ago

    I feel for you. That does sound like a sick cat.Since he is not in pain, make him comfortable and let it be for a while. I wish you the best.

    With my last cat, he lost the ability to walk and i put him on a towel on my bed.He tried to get down to use the litter box but couldn't.A few hours later, I took him to the vet and said my goodbyes.

  • 5 months ago

    Ultimatly I'm looking for advice I thought the vets didn't help that much. I don't want him to suffer . Nor do I wanna wake up one morning and he's dead. If anyone can give some tips. I keep thinking we let him live longer. I feel shouldn't we be able to tell in the next few days if more weight is lossed and the signs become more obvious will he let us know somehow. That he's gonna die. He's my first pet and I hope it's a sickness that'll pass maybe he had something bad and needs a week to clear but I'm not sure. Vet thought perhaps. Fatty liver dieses but they don't know for sure.. I just wish he would show more signs before putting him down. Is it possible he will just wake up dead? Or will we notice anorexia kick in before that happens? Help !!

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