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With thick arctic ice turning back a research ice breaker observational proof the Arctic is not melting as advertised?

15 July 2019 – The Norwegian icebreaker “Kronprins Haakon” (Crown Prince Haakon), on a mission to the North Pole for the Institute of Marine Research, was forced to turn back north of Svalbard after meeting considerably thicker and more massive ice masses than expected, which the vessel was not capable of breaking through.



Do you all notice the alarmist tactic of,"IF YOU CAN'T REFUTE IT, MOVE IT", taking place right before your eyes???

They are in desperation mode as Global Cooling is taking hold!! I love it!

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    Didn't Jim Hansen say the arctic would by ice free by 2016? Has any of his prediction come through?

    News headline I seen today "one million acres of US planting will not happen in 2019.

    Hello global cooling!

    • These assholes already deleted my comment once. Time to get busy again, paid trolls! ROTFLMAO!!!!!

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    Because weather even happens in the Arctic. The overall trend of Arctic sea ice is that it's melting.



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    The Northwest Passage is blocked with 100% concentration ice.

    Global warming is a cult based on misinformation.

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    What? There's still ice at the north pole? Who knew?

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    It should be, but the AGW clowns will say is only weather and that your are cherry picking. All the usual ad homs and slurs.

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      I never hear science from global warming deniers. Only cherry picking and ad homs.

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