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Is fair for a guy to host and shelter his girlfriend in his home while has problems with her family?

My girlfriend is having a hard time at home they have many problems my girlfriend has self harmed (she has scars on her arm and cheeks). She has no friends and her family is not able to help her (they did not help her actually, I'm starting to think they are part of the problem, as they want her to take decisions but she is too young to take care of 2 adults). She still goes at school and she is being bullied and no teacher help her (a teacher is also bullying her to the point of making her take antidepressants to cope). I let her stay at me but she cries everyday, she stays in another room and when I try to approach her I find her crying on the bed. I hold her hand at night but it's really hard cause I cannot see her like that. During the day I am at work and I wonder how she's doing.

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    I would say you're well intentioned, but to answer your question, no this is not fair. In fact, you shouldn't even be dating someone like this, because it gives her something to focus on besides the serious and maybe life threatening problems she has.

    You didn't give her age, which would have been really helpful. But the one obvious thing is she needs a full, inpatient physical and mental evaluation. Also, where is she getting antidepressants. If some idiot shrink is giving them to her (but missing some other very obvious problems) tell him what's going on and demand that he take steps to get her admitted.

    Don't play head games and hope you can fix this. She is seriously ill.

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    You are doing the right thing by giving this woman shelter and love. She needs you now, don't abandon her. Find a counsellor for her because she needs skills for coping with her life and support.

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