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Swimming on my period?

I'm swimming today and I'm on my fourth day of my period. I'm wearing a pad two underwears, a swimsuit bottom, and denim shorts. I hope this works. I'm bringing a tampon just in case but it hurts when I take them out (first used one yesterday) how can I not make it hurt when it comes out!? I'm using the smallest ones since I'm 13. I hear that if your swimming it stops but as soon as you come out its all waterfalls!!! How am I going to hide the waterfalls when it's time to go???? I can't bring a towel into the pool area those stay in lockers!!! Help! Should I just talk to my friend ,(she's my bff) that I'm on my period so just she understands?!?


I ended up just using a tampon. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I'll be swimming in an hour. I brought two more tampons just in case I'm swimming for a while. I'm nervous but I'm still wearing two underwear a bathing suit bottom and denim shorts covering it all so I think I'll be okay.

Update 2:

It all went well, I told my friend before we went into the pool and She had her period too (relief to me!) And I used a tampon and it's fine

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    That is such a bad idea. All those things are NOT leak proof or water proof. You are going to leak blood if you are on your period while wearing a pad in the pool. The tampon is the only thing you can wear that will keep you clean and mess free. Use some petroleum jelly (like Vaseline) or olive oil to remove the tampon without discomfort, it should slide right out.

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    Your pad is going to absorb the pool water immediately, then be massive and your period will flow into the water.

    You have to wear internal protection for swimming.

    Talk to your friend - and a tampon will probably be fine.

    • Kangaroo
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      Remember to change it every 4-6 hours and you'll be fine.
      Don't try to change it more often - removing a dry tampon can be uncomfortable.

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