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What's the appropriate amount to hang out with friends?

So I'm autistic. Almost every question I ask on here is somehow related to that fact one way or another...I have had a few friends in my life, but really never one for more than about 3 years, and never more than one at once...At 20 I have a more reliable friend, and at this age, both of us adults (in theory) I don't really have to worry about anyone else's standard for this than our own...However, the past 2 or three months it hasn't been quite clear to me how much is too much when it comes to offering to hang out. I know no more than once a week on any normal week, but beyond that I am not sure..I feel maybe an average of once every two weeks may be best, but maybe once a week, provided both of us are willing, would be fine as well...It becomes more complicated, even, since I am the only one of the two of us who drives, so I am in the position of being the one who comes of as too forceful..I know he is too polite to set boundaries, and I don't want to overstay my welcome in his life...Please, someone with social knowledge, give me some advice...

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    Once a week is fine. If your schedules both work out to see each other and do something once a week that should be appropriate.

    Maybe one week you see each other twice, one week you may not be able to meet. I would try to stay I contact at least twice a month for a friendship. You may want to touch base and chat or text on weeks you don’t see each other.

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    I am also autistic and I don’t really hang out with my friends out of school . I just hang out with my family tbh .

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