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why does some of the keys not work in my laptop?

i am using my laptop now and i can type all the words and numbers but whenever i click on the arrow button on the left hand side of the keyboard above the ctrl to use it to capitalise a letter or to use the question mark or the at button for email...for some reason it doesn't work. I don't understand why...all the other buttons work fine except for those buttons. what do you think it is


let me explain it again

all the keys work on my laptop except the shift key does not work and I cant click on shift key and a letter to make it into a capital letter. i also cant use the a for emails or the question mark or brackets.

why is that

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    Somebody probably spilled a little bit of water on the keyboard at sometime but what you can try is read the directions and watch the video on YouTube how to install and replace the keyboard for your particular model first simply uninstall the keyboard and clean off the contacts on the ribbon cable and then reinstall the old keyboard check to see if that cure the problem sometimes that ribbon cable just loses contact. If that fixes the problem fine if not eBay is where you can get keyboards to replace it for $20 it's not hard to replace a keyboard just watch the video and take your time.

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