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What should I expect from my osteoarthritis of my shoulder? I was involved in a car accident that “accelerated” it to flare up.?

I was involved in a car accident from an at fault driver last month. I had immediate shoulder pain so I went to the ER. They took X rays and a CT scan and found arthritis in my shoulder. They told me it was rare to flare up this early due to my age (25). They said that the impact from the car accident accelerated the evolution of it. I’m now taking therapy and I’ve completed 5 of my 10 scheduled sessions. I see a little progress but my motion is still limited and it doesn’t feel the same before the accident, I’ve never had problems with my shoulder before the accident. Had I never gotten into it, I probably would’ve never known I had it. Should I seek compensation for it? Will it cost a lot for the medical rehabilitation, and will it be long term? Will it ever be the same before it was the injured?

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    nobody knows, nutrition can help, how many time was that mentioned, if ever ? and take your time, the young are experts at being impatient, which always works against them.

    Hippocrates said "let food be your medicine, and let medicine be your food", how many times have you seen that in practice ? he is said to be the father of modern medicine, but I've seen no evidence.......ask a nutritionist, you will find many of them, at a local health food store, not likely a chain-store......ask first.......

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    For better understanding of the situation I would recommend to see an orthopedist or an orthopedic surgeon. You can send your MRI or X-rays for a no-cost review and consultation

    In this clinic the doctors are in-network with most major insurance carriers including Medicare. It means that the doctors’ visits and prescriptions will be partially covered by health care

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