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Is she just shy or self centered?

There is a girl that I like, but I am not sure if she is just shy or self centered. She is otherwise a really kind and happy person, but I also don't know that much about her. She has in the past dedicated much of her life working, which makes her seem like she is very career driven. It also seems like she doesn't really have any hobbies nor has she dated before, because she has liked her job so much.

Previously at one point when I tried to show her that I was interested in her, she didn't really show any interest back, because she was focused on things in her own life. I know that she likes me, and she has afterwards regretted that she didn't try more, because we don't see each other every day anymore. This still makes me wonder, was she previously just too self centered or too shy towards me?

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    Being shy and self-centered are not mutually exclusive. She could be both.

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    Here are signs of a self centered person

    13 Warning Signs Of A Self-Absorbed Person

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