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How long will it be before Drew Lock is gone?

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  • 6 months ago

    Vic Fangio seems to be about as old-school as it gets when it comes to NFL coaching styles. For most positions in the NFL, I think you can get away with (and he HAS in fact had great success with...) coaching players in an old school way using the general mantra of, "(Insert Rookie/young player Here) doesn't know jack squat about being an NFL player and I have no confidence in him until he proves himself to me."

    Most NFL position players will respond to that sort of coaching by trying harder to prove themselves, but NFL QBs haven't necessarily responded very well historically to a demonstrated lack of confidence in them by their head coach. I personally think it's a mistake handling Lock (or any rookie QB) that way.

    When it comes to NFL QBs, that sort of "you're nothing until you prove it" approach rarely works because confidence (or lack thereof) is often one of the main factors that determines whether or not a QB makes it or not long-term. Fangio making a point of making public statements about what Lock "can't do" before he's even taken a pre-season snap seems like a great way to wreck any confidence he has before he gets a chance to throw a pass in the NFL.

    I don't see it working out for Lock in Denver. They'll keep him around for a few years because rookie contracts are relatively cheap compared to veteran deals, but I doubt he'll ever do much there unless his coach instills confidence in him instead of trying to see if he can break him before he's had a chance to prove anything.

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  • Cu Tie
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    6 months ago

    Actually, it depends on his work ethic during every offseason. If Drew Lock works hard and performs very well in practice every day, he will greatly improve his chances of becoming a successful, top notch NFL quarterback for the Denver Broncos in the future, as well as greatly reduce his risk of being cut by the team.

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