Grace asked in PetsBirds · 7 months ago

Does anyone know about an exotic bird (other than a budgie or cockatiel) that’s affordable?

I’m looking into getting a bird. I’ve done a lot of research on so many different types of birds. And then the ones I really start to fall in love with, I find out are a couple hundred bucks. I know that a parakeet/budgie is inexpensive, and probably a cockatiel also, but I want something bigger. Maybe the size of an African grey? Preferably a parrot, and preferably under $100. If any of this makes sense and you know of anything, please answer 😂❤️

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  • 6 months ago

    Birds are expensive. I paid close to $90 for my lovebird. He is very friendly but cant talk or anything. Most birds are going to be $300 and up. If you want to find a bigger bird, look on craigslist, facebook or even the local animal shelter. Some breeders might sell them cheaper too.

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