Why won’t my sim die? Sims 4?

I’m playing sims 4 on Xbox one. I dated and moved in a sim that “wasn’t a part of the world” so he didn’t really have a home and just roamed around all day. Well I want to kill him now so I turned him into an elder, put him in a pool with a fence around it. He was in the pool for over a week without drowning or starving! One moodlet says “ravenous: starve to death in: 0 minutes” but he hasn’t. And the other says “exhausted: pass out in: 0 minutes” but he hasn’t!! Why won’t he die?

2 Answers

  • 6 months ago

    Check in the settings menu, make sure sims are able to age, as well as able to actuall die. Option is called "kick the bucket" I think.

    • Natalie6 months agoReport

      Yeah they can age, I aged him up to an elder. I don’t have a death option, just auto age

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    nnaybe you should get off the computer and get busy and find out why

    • Natalie6 months agoReport

      What is your dumbass talking about? 😂

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