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Before CM Punk first UFC fight,he said, 'After 2 or 3 fights,who's to say I don'tget a title shot' Why has he not gone after any titles yet?

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    Because he never won. As crooked and pandering as UFC can be when it comes to handing out title shots to top draws, Punk had two fights against two tomato cans and lost.

    He wont be getting any title shots now because Dana said Punk will never work for them again, and Punk's moved on to working commentary for a relatively unknown tertiary MMA league.

  • Would you seriously consider CM Punk to be among the Top 1000 Mixed Martial Arts Fighters in any Weight Class? Can you tell me that CM Punk could actually beat any of the millions of Teenagers and Young Adults around the world that are training in any Combat Sports Discipline. My money would be on any Teenager or Young Adult training in Free-Style Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido or any other Combat Sport. Watching CM Punk fight as a Mixed Martial Arts Fighter is truly a waste of time. Not only has CM Punk not won any fights, he has looked really bad in losing those fights. He is clearly our of his element. He never possessed the Athletic Skillset to even pretend to be a mixed Martial Arts Fighter. I can look at many other Wrestlers on The WWE Roster and at least be able to say many of them were High School Wrestlers and many of them were also College Wrestlers. CM Punk never did any Amateur Wrestling.

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    because in order to get title shots you have to win a match first

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    Because he’s trash

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    Winning a fight helps

  • 5 months ago

    I think he is waiting for Lesnar to return so they can do a Mitb ladder match

  • 5 months ago

    because punk has yet to win a UFC fight. in fact im pretty sure dana said punk wont fight in the UFC again

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