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Why are people on Xbox so crazy?

Most of the times it is kids but this person was crazy. We where playing a game and he was pretty chill at first. Then just went crazy over a glitch and cussed everyone out, called us hackers, and reported everyone. We all had the same problems but damn he was crazy. It reminded me of a guy I played with years ago Fire cloud or something like that. He was absolutely the craziest person I ever did play with and he was also calm at first and had a very monotone voice but went off at the drop of a hat. There was this girl I played with a few weeks ago who cussed me out for killing her on black ops free for all because I did not want to team with her

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    Playing too much Xbox can do that.

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  • 7 months ago

    Hey man I am Fire Cloud 3246. Sorry about that I have a little game rage. I mean when your in the middle of a game and doing well it pisses you off when you have something happen out of the clear blue sky. It is a safe assumption that someone has done a mod. It happens a lot. No I have not been banned off Xbox but don’t play much anymore I cannot deal with Xboxes bullshit anymore and my cousin does not play with me as much as he used to.

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